Coronavirus Vaccine Talk Supports Risk,GBP Boosted by PMI Data,Tesla Bubble

If you follow the Coronavirus Vaccine Talk for some time now, you might have noticed some interesting comments. The biggest is that it’s good to hear that “that Coronavirus vaccine” is a risk-based booster. So there you have it… risk-based booster.

How in the world is that risk-based booster supported? Because we don’t know the vaccines that are out there and what they will do to the existing vaccines. I believe we need all the information we can get on these vaccines before they are given to anyone. We need the trial results of this particular vaccine to determine its effectiveness and safety and if it works as well as the others do.

So far the data from the various Dallas-area hospitals on the trial is very promising. The main focus was on a low dose and these doses were able to trigger a strong immune response. When an immune response is high then there is a greater chance of vaccination to create that same immune response. This, combined with the potential side effects of this particular vaccine is what many are using to support the risk-based booster concept.

So, what exactly is the vaccine? It is a single cell DNA vaccine that is an interferon immune response vaccine that causes antibodies to form against a virus called clade A influenza virus.

That’s a good thing to see right? That means it is working? It is being used against a clade A influenza virus which is known to cause severe and potentially fatal complications.

Vaccinating against a “new” virus is never a good idea. Especially a pandemic type virus that can cause such severe and possibly fatal consequences.

What’s the risk-based booster and what makes it so important? Let’s take a look at that concept for a moment.

We can look at the safety data for the Coronavirus Vaccine Talk and what it has shown and see the safety of the risk-based booster. As with any vaccine, no matter how safe it may seem, we are not immune to the threat. No matter how safe the vaccine is, we have to keep our eye on the threat. So far there is no reason to doubt the safety of the Coronavirus Vaccine Talk or the rest of the safety data.

If the Vaccine is effective as it is supposed to be, why are the studies continuing? Why aren’t they shut down and the existing studies stopped? Why doesn’t the FDA to stop the RCT and close the study?

Obviously, the FDA doesn’t want to shut the study down and the testing process is far too important to stop any sooner. The public is really the only thing that needs to be blamed for the RCT.

The Coronavirus Vaccine Talk supports the risk-based booster theory. Now it’s up to you to decide if it’s really a risk based booster or just another in a long line of RCTs that failed the public. Please consider all this.